Trades of Hope

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

I've always wanted to do more as a teacher and be involved in community. When I went to Haiti I realized that...

I can be a voice to these mamas that were giving their babies up for adoption and they really didn't want to. They just wanted an opportunity to keep their babies, but to do this they needed a job.

So we started with four women and now we have nearly 400! Praise God! The bracelet shown below, modeled by Caroline is our signature piece and is made from cereal boxes. Every other bead is made from a cereal box that the women cut into strips and make into this beautiful bracelet. This is their story of hope and this is how we partner together (for more info, click here).

Jill Butler, Compassionate Entrepreneur, feels it’s an honor to partner with Artisans around the globe, as well as Partners in the United States. Trades of Hope has given her the opportunity to be empowered and surrounded by an uplifting sisterhood and have an income for her family!

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