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Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. 1 Corinthians 13:1 KJV

love at the center

Though I speak the language of my audience.. If love is not at the center of my interactions... My words will annoy and provoke.

Turn away others

Though I know the words to say that the audience understands.. If my words have hatred and discontentment at their core, I will turn others away. What will happen instead of gaining the audience attention and admiration, I will lose their respect.

Charity defined

I am so aware of this as I work in a setting that does not always want my words. I love on people so that is the voice they hear. Another word used in this passage is charity. Charity is defined as "kindness and tolerance in judging others."

Speak God's heart

What God sees as our words speaking love... is a beautiful opportunity to voice our heart in poetic form. We are much more able to enjoy a friendship or the admiration of our peers if we speak the heart of God towards them.

In what ways can God give words of love to this world:

A. Seeing the weakness or suffering of the world and encouraging them through:

  1. Acts of love and charity such as bringing a treat in for coworkers or collecting gloves and scarves for homeless and hanging them in trees in town

  2. Determining where God given gifts can serve your community or workplace

  3. Performing a concert or sharing talents through small gathering of peers

B. Designing your love outreach and putting it into place

  1. Seeing a need that your gift could fix.

  2. Putting into place a solution filled with Christ's love.. for example doing a Christ inspired coat give away.. And placing Christ's name at the heart of all the posters.

Un-BlahhG author, Caroline Cardwell spends her days caring for children as a therapist and engagement specialist at a local school, chasing four children at home and growing her home based health business. Did we mention that she and her husband, JD Cardwell, also began a church with ah-mazing leaders and a tribe they adore.

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