So sick for so long...

So sick for so long... can't say I really thought it would be better or would be diagnosed (or that my worry would be better). I had to really focus ON MY FOCUS. Was it on me, on my illness or on my Father, on Jesus? I chuckled as I drove my Ford Focus as it was my daily reminder to focus on the Healer. I rode on my Holy Highway to work and prayed and prayed. I praised my God for what He would do in His Time and in His Way without any manipulation or deal making on my part.

I gained wisdom, patience and grace during this time more so than if I had been well (or without worry). I definitely had more compassion for others going through difficult times or illness.

I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”

Psa. 91:2

Un-blahhG author, Carrie McClellan is a jogging / jumping / step-running engineering firm marketing manager. She desires to introduce friends to the glories of regular exercise and healthy cooking.

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