Rugged Indeed...

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Yes, that’s me, the Superhero with the equally superhero cohorts, just dawning the crown for the moment. What is more surprising than my transformation from a 3 mile jogger once or

twice a week to a full all out Rugged Maniac? Not much in my book.

What can I say other than sheer determination told me I can, so I did. I contended that I set my chin to try every obstacle and not turn back. And I did. I overcame every obstacle, I shouted down my fears. I scaled walls, jumped over fire and lifted myself to climb rope wall ladders and wood ladders, and mud splattered obstacles. And I faced the wall at the end with NO FEAR!

What helped me to know that I can? Two amazing women at the gym, one dedicated trainer (who did I mention, ran the whole race with me to add his support?), one workplace who made this race part of their wellness package and countless woman who encouraged me.

Oh, did I mention that I was going through the toughest time of my life?

Yep, but overcomers overcome... they may not know what to do, but they do know they can strap on some sneakers and hit the gym... again and again. If I can, anyone can...

Un-blahhG author, Carrie McClellan is a fire jumping engineering firm marketing manager. She desires to introduce friends to the glories of regular exercise and healthy cooking and strives to continue to conquer fear (Rev 2:17). #RuggedManiac

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