Doubts and 5 things to consider

When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer. Psalms 94:19 NLT

1- When we realize doubts and fears fill our minds, we can find comfort from God. Many times we seek that help from other sources: shopping, eating, working out, online addictions, gambling...but God is the true comfort. His comfort restores us for right living. He shows us how to make the decisions that lead to life.

But what of our leaders? How will God respond when leaders claim He is looking out for them?

Can unjust leaders claim that God is on their side— leaders whose decrees permit injustice? Psalms 94:20 NLT

2-God looks away at the claims of unfair rulers who falsely suggest He protects them. God sees deep within our motivations and is not fooled.

But the Lord is my fortress; my God is the mighty rock where I hide. Psalms 94:22 NLT

3-When I consider where to turn, I stand with God in the shadows of the most high. I see His protective stance as I rest in His rock fortress. He surrounds me with His mountains as I hunker down in the valley... the walls of Earth surround me. Once I am refreshed in my rest, I soon find a way to express my joy. This joy comes from many things.

Joyful are those you discipline, Lord, those you teach with your instructions. Psalms 94:12 NLT

4-Joyful are those who You teach lessons. Your love filled instruction provides us a renewal that only You can offer.

You give them relief from troubled times until a pit is dug to capture the wicked. Psalms 94:13 NLT

And relief from times that shake my faith leads to greater seeds.

5-Your relief is all encompassing. Your relief is all that I need. It provides comfort and protection. It allows my faith to grow and to gain root.

Un-BlahhG author, Caroline Cardwell spends her days caring for children as a therapist and engagement specialist at a local school, chasing four children at home and growing her home based health business. Did we mention that she and her husband, JD Cardwell, also began a church with ah-mazing leaders and a tribe they adore.

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