Be still

This morning, as I was praying for all of you, this is what I felt Him saying to us:

"I have a plan through this. I know you can't see around the other bend, and what you think might be waiting for you there scares you. But trust Me. I know what I'm doing. I know what's up there ahead. And around the next bend. And the next. I have a plan to see you through it all, and it is good. For I am Good. I haven't promised you an easy life, but I have promised to carry you, to love you, to never leave you or forsake you, and to draw you all the closer to Myself through the troubles you face. I'm preparing you for something so much greater. There are ways you will shine for Me no one else will be able to do. There are miracles I want to do in you and through you and all around you. But first, be still. Crawl up into My lap. Lay your head against My chest. Listen to the rhythm of my heartbeat of love for you. Feel My arms around you, and let Me lift you now. Let me stand up and walk out into your trial carrying you in My arms. They can see Me, you know. They see Me carrying you. When you let Me. But it's your choice. You can worry, take things into your own hands, try to force the outcome you want, snap at the people you love, bury your face under the covers in depression and fear. Or you can soar over this on eagles' wings, waiting on Me, hoping in Me, trusting in Me, and held by Me. Your choice. And no matter which way you choose, remember ... I love you." Isaiah 40

Mikaela Vincent and her husband live and work in a dark corner of the world where few have ever heard the name of God, much less Jesus, and persecution is a common threat. She is a wife and mother who grew up overseas in one culture and raised children of her own in yet a different culture. A writer, photographer, artist and conference speaker who speaks several languages, she loves to share powerful truths through story-telling. In fact, her fantasy series for middle schoolers, Chronicles of the Kingdom of Light, was birthed through bed-time stories she told her children to plant deep in their hearts the truth of who they are in Christ--more than conquerors!

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