But if you remain in me and my words remain in you, you may ask for anything you want, and it will be granted! John 15:7 NLT

But if you stay with me. Another way to begin this scripture. Staying is difficult. We as Americans, don't stay when times are difficult. We move, resign, withdraw our membership, or discard friendships.

But as we are growing in faith, staying becomes easier. We want more of Christ. We long for those moments of alone time with Christ. We dig deeper into our childlike trust and come out with assurances that He gives more than enough reward.

If "my words remain in you" also offers comfort. If "my words" stay in your heart, God promises a treasured offer. That we may ask whatever we want, and God provides.

God wants good for us. He would expect our request to be within His will. Not wishing calamity upon others.

God wants our staying to mean something. God wants us to feel His abundant love. God assures us He has our best in mind.

So just ask and stay.

Un-BlahhG author, Caroline Cardwell spends her days caring for children as a therapist and engagement specialist at a local school, chasing four children at home and growing her home based health business. Did we mention that she and her husband, JD Cardwell, also began a church with ah-mazing leaders and a tribe they adore.

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